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Roswell and White Sands, NM

Bitter Lake Wildlife Preserve

Especially nice in the early morning, nobody around except a few critters.

The County Courthouse
A statue of Pat Garrett, who killed Billy the Kid, and the war memorial

Amazingly, a tablet with the Ten Commandments, right there on public property. Don't tell you-know-who!
Across the street, John Chisum, who established the Chisum Trail (for cattle drives).

Roswell is the UFO capitol of the USA
Howdy, pardner!

At the other extreme, there being no middle ground, she might be
saying "I don't really see a space ship here." The wooden carving
(a copy) is said to show an ancient warrior riding an early rocket.
The drawing at right gives the idea. Sort of.

We were glad to mount up and head out of town--great drive through the mountains, a rainstorm brewing, to Alamagordo and White sands.
White Sands

A walkway between the dunes


After this, everything else looks pretty ordinary! But Las Cruces was a nice place to end.