Christmas 2009
For pictures of the delivery and hanging of Rose Frantzen's "God Bless Ame. . ." click here!

Allen & George

George and Masetto

"God Bless Ame . . . " arrived Dec. 26, 2009

Rose painted this work (almost 5'x5' framed) in 2008-2009. The subject (I would say) is the worker in transit in small-town America. God bless America, and God bless him. Both need a little extra protection heading into the century's second decade.

Rose and Chuck arrived in a snowstorm.

Thanks to George's nifty cartoon, we knew where we wanted the painting to go.

On the level, drilling, etc.

  Almost there . . .


All the workers are happy.

Later on, after dinner, "God Bless Ame . . . " &
the now-famous Mr. Davis seemed right at home.

Rose, Chuck, Kenny, George