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April 18, 2013

We had water in the yard Wednesday night. It rained all night and there were several downpours in the early morning Thursday.

At 7.30 we went to the hardware store, got sand and bags, and filled several, lining the door to George's bedroom. We had the rest ready to put into place. After that all we could do was watch and wait.

I took the first pictures about 10.
The rain let up around 9, when the water was less than four inches from the top of the deck.
The water dropped a bit and was 5" from the deck at 11.30. From there is went down all day. We had a little bit rain now and then, but no more cloudbursts.
Our first daffodils had a poor coming-out day.
This was the closest water came to the house in the 28 years we've lived here. I've looked for pictures of other events like this and hope to dig out a few. We were lucky compared to so many, but we spent a tense day and were glad when it was over.