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Memorial Day weekend May 27-29, 2023
Dahlias here

Cool, bright days; very dry

Peonies along the fence

Wild geraniums and alium

The spirea has been out for 2 weeks

Some changes to the bed along the walkway

In the trug, 3 tomateos, basil, thyme, lettuce

Last year we had dahlias up by May 30, and this year we seem to be on the same schedule.
On May 24, 2023, I counted 6 sprouts, mostly the shorter variety we have planted in the front center of some of the beds.
By May 28 23 had ten, an even mix shorter and taller.
Raised beds
on May 27, at left, and on May 31, at right

no shoots

2 shoots

2 shoots

1 shoot

3 shoots
In the low bed along the fence, 2 shoots. #9 is the tallest of them all so far.

May 28, 2023

May 24-29, 2023