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June 10, 2023

The mock orange

A good year for our old rose bush--fragrant, and with deep green leaves

and a good year for white peonies especially

The berry bush by the side of the house

The blue clematis showing very top, above

And the new Zen garden continues to look great

And we love the mix of petunia colors

Last year we had dahlias up by May 30, and this year we seem to be on the same schedule.
On May 24, 2023, I counted 6 sprouts, mostly the shorter variety front center in some of the beds.
By May 28 we had 10, an even mix shorter and taller, and by June 10 we had 17 of 20.

Raised beds June 3 at left, and on June 9, at right (petunias were set in May 30)

1. Gay Princess, Cha Ching, Papa's love

2. Happy Day, Day Dreamer, Honey Moon

3. La Luna (twice) shoots

4. Unicorn Dreams, Taboo, Bluetiful

5.Stark Raving Red mix

Shorter dahlias in front, beds 2 and 4: Firepot; bed 3: Dahlegria Bicolore

June 10, 2023