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July 4, 2023
We get some much-needed rain

The berry bush with its purple clematis continues to flourish.

A new lily along the walkway

We had a lot of rain on Sunday, July 2, but it sank in fast (over 1.5" total)

The hydrangeas in the corner bed are booming, well-watered

George's "fireworks" blue and white flowers

Turkey burgers and bean-mushroom burgers, salsa before, peaches after.

Basil and July 4 buckets (from Coach Izzy's July 4 visit last year)

On June 25 we had 19 dahlias of 20 sprouted, still just one to go
in bed 5, back row, far left. We replaced ths one July 1.
Raised beds June 23 at left, and on July 7 at right
Many dahlias have buds forming.

1. Gay Princess, Cha Ching, Papa's love

2. Happy Day, Day Dreamer, Honey Moon

3. La Luna (twice) shoots

4. Unicorn Dreams, Taboo, Bluetiful

5.Stark Raving Red mix

Shorter dahlias in front, beds 2 and 4: Firepot; bed 3: Dahlegria Bicolore
In the corner
July 7, 2023