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Art Institute's Cezanne Show (September 1, 2022)
The show closes Sept. 5, so we decided to squeeze in a visit.

Members get in early, but there are a lot of members
C. 1891, Madam Cezanne in a Yellow Chair

1905. The Large Bathers: Some comment on this image just below

"The gallery includes the most resolved version of The Large Bathers
along with several related composition from earlier in Cezanne’s career.”
(Some of these works were owned by Henri Matisse, Henry Moore, and Pablo Picasso.)
"These paintings encapsulate the contradictions of Cezanne
himself, their modern vision balanced by the desire to create a new
classical expression, timeless as icons in a museum but simultaneously
As urgent as the brush marks that compose them."

A picture-perfect late summer day in the Pritzker Garden

After lunch

Colors in the umbrellas that Cezanne would have liked

September 1, 2022