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  January 2022 and the New Year
We have been catching up on episodes of Seinfeld, which we never watched.
In season six, in "The Pledge Drive," Elaine's boss eats a Snickers bar with a knife and fork.
We had to try it.



At the start of the year I began sending away my volumes from the Early English Text Society.
I found a former student who wanted them. I began collecting them as a grad student in 1975, when I was in Dublin.
Just behind me, my own books, starting with The Literature of Penance (1983), Desire for Origins (1990), Before the Closet (1998), Bloody Good (2004), and on to Modern Masculinities (2016).

AJF in Trinity College Library, Dublin, 1978

Getting rid of these beautiful editions was painful, but it was a good decision. The books have found a happy home.

EETS books are those in brown and gold covers, 2 top shelves. right,
and top shelf, left, below, 100 of them already gone

Very happy with two very old shovels I found at Studio 817, Wilmette