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Three lithographs by T. G. Dutton
Framed and hung February 2022
As at left, hanging above a pirate toy chest painted by George's father in the 1940s The Clipper Ship “Shannon.” 1450 Tons.

The Clipper Ship Yorkshire 1100 Tons. [first sailed in 1863]

The Clipper Ship “Mirage” 965 Tons. Passage from London to Bombay made in 75 days and from Bombay to Liverpool in 75 days.

All marked lower left "T. G. Dutton, Delt.," and lower right "Engraved by E. Dutton."

"Delt" is an abbreviation for “drawn by,” according to a Feb. 6, 2009 post by Julie L. Mellby, website of Princeton University’s Graphic Arts collection (seen 1/9/2022) at this link.

Just framed (in same order as above)



George helped with mock-ups to check the spacing

Information from the Wiki Entry for Dutton (seen 1/9/2022)
Dutton was born in 1820 in London and named after his father, an Ironmonger. Dutton married Martha Foster on 27 Apr 1843, at St John, Hackney, Middlesex. He lived mainly in Lambeth. Dutton "has the reputation of being one of the finest lithographers of 19th-century nautical scenes and ship portraits." Wiki says that "his marine paintings were generally created for his lithographs." The paintings themselves "are quite rare in the marketplace."
Dutton's work was"often exhibited at the Suffolk (reet Gallery between 1858–1879" (in London).His work is usually signed "T. G. Dutton," as are those above.

Nadeau's Auction Gallery had a fourth in Nov. 2015: "The Iron Clipper Ship Cornwallis 1214 Tons."

Description (from Smithsonian: National Museum of American History website). The notes below refer to the oil painting, not an engraving). The Mirage was built at West Hartlepool, England in 1855 by John Pile. It measured 180 feet long and 965 tons. Mirage was the first ship launched from Hartlepool, after John Pile had been asked to set up a shipyard there by Ralph Ward Jackson. It was commanded by Captain J. Roberts. Mirage was primarily involved in trade between England and China. The painting by Thomas Dutton shows the Mirage entering the Mersey River off the coast of Anglesey, England. South Stack Lighthouse, Puffin Island, the Skerries, and Holyhead are visible. Artist Thomas Goldsworthy Dutton was born in 1819. He is best known for his lithographs of shipping scenes, though he did create watercolor and oil paintings as well. In 1844 he was recorded as a lithographic artist and marine draftsman. He died in 1891.

February 8, 2022 E. Duncan, after Dutton colored engraving Clipper ship "Shannon" 1450 tons marked lower left T. G. Dutton Del and lower right Engraved by E. Duncan, 20 1/2" x 15" plate size; E. Duncan after Dutton colored engraving Clipper Ship "Shannon" 1450 Tons, pictures of Business New York label on reverse, 15 1/2" x 20 1/2" plate size; and two colored engravings after T. G. Dutton "The Clipper Ship Yorkshire 1100 Tons" and "The Iron Clipper Ship Cornwallis 12 14 Tons", both engraved by E. Duncan [using Dutton’s work]. Property from Credit Suisse's Americana Collection***