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  Tree trimming front and back Nov. 6, 2021
and some other events (raised beds, CSO)
Trees front and back were overshadowing the grass. We trimmed the honey locust and the tall maple

Getting branches that reached over the street

Looking more open already

Grinding up the fallen limbs

Getting to the maple

After Eddy's crew left, we cut back the hawthorn a bit more
We went for the small branch in the middle (below)
--the vertical one, upper right; branch gone
In the back garden

The beds have been put to rest!

A pretty trip downtown to the CSO Nov. 5, 2021--Friday matinee, Janowski, Mozart & Bruch
Trees on Elmdale, near my old condo

And, finally, social distancing comes to recycling bins
--each one 3' apart, it says. At least is is not 6.

Nov. 12, 2021