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Spring starts: the first crocus

Repair of oldest raised bed, March 20-21, 2021
Left: This bed, Sept. 2020. Right: Saturday 3/20/21. Two bottom boards removed, new lumber on top. : Go here
for a look at all the raised beds as of Sept. 2020

Figuring out how to make the angle brackets work

One new board screwed in place

working on the other end

Great weather, about 60 degrees, 2 p.m. Saturday

3 p.m. Saturday, angle brackets in place on new boards
Below, Sunday, start of work about 12 p.m.

The back side was in somewhat better shape & no boards were replaced except the top piece.

Back side, top

Preparing for the flashing to stop soil leaks from corners. One in place, lower left corner.

Flashing in place, just visible, top right-hand corner; new tops in place, not nailed

Headed in for lunch

We had lunch from Homer's on the porch--no better sign than that of the start of spring.
March 21, 2021