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June 24-27, 2021
June 24
Lilies in the alley

A rare sight, car washed at home

A couple of lilies we planted some years ago

Great color in the rose

The cosmos coming along

The raised beds June 12 (left), June 24 (right)

June 27
For cutting down the foxglove, it seems wise to gear up

The sweet potato vine and beans growing near the porch were eaten

So we set up some protection for what was left

A good year for hydrangeas, the most blooms we have had (some were new last year, planted June 9, 2020)

The raised beds June 27, 2021

The beans are doing very well and have overgrown the trellis. We are training them to reach the fence

And the butterfly weed looks great

The the day lilies in the alley, as usual, are prolific

July 10, 2021