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July 18, 2021, middle of summer
Beans are starting to come in

and the first dahlias have arrived

On July 23, some changes

The front yard is looking good

We used some stakes to rearrange the hydrangeas on either side of the apple tree

Above, as it looked before

Pulled into better shape
Above and below

As of 7/18, the pink hydrangea in back has picked up good color

Below, as it looked 7/13

Along the walkway, the lily mix is very fine, and the hibiscus is out too:
a single pink lly, white hibiscs, tree lily (pink), purple hibiscus next to it,
and orange day lilies.

Single lilies

The garage windowbox

The raised beds July 4 (left) and July 18(right)
The phlox

Robins calm on the lawn
Tomatoes in the trug are reaching new heights

July 18, 2021