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New sod, front and back
Joe & Tony sprayed the old grass April 21 (about 2 weeks after we accepted their estimate).

Above, how it looked May 9, when the fence was fixed, and May 13, when the sod was in.

The sloping area under the bench is the hole dug by plumbers in Nov. 2019

Slowly the grass and weeds died off. The back area on May 12.
On May 12-13 they came out to pick up the old sod and put down the new. Slicing off the dead grass.
A robin was quick to get in to hunt for bugs. In the back . . .

The new sod gets put in

In the front

Because we had a lot of rain in the following days, we did not have to worry too much about keeping the new sod moist.
We worked up the parkway sod along the sidewalk and seeded it, as we did the sod along the corner bed in the back yard.

pictures from April 21 to May 13, 2020