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First week of May

Alyssum planted between the grasses along the fence (from West End Nursery, put in 5/2/20)

The last of the containment poles was moved into line with the first three.

There are two alyssum plants between each of the Karl Foerster grass stands

Below, how it looked in Spring 2019

and in September, full bloom, with the trumpet vine in the middle and dahlias farther down the line.

Below, also September, showing the last retaining pole out of line.

August 2019 below

Elsewhere . . .

New tulips in the corner bed or berm. All of them came up. Tall pink tupils are in the last pictures.

The tall daffodils in front obscure them a bit. We spotted some growth on the hydrangeas we planted last year--
sparse as yet, but there. We also seeded the new sod to the right; looks pretty muddy, however.

Grass around the raised beds was killed prior to sod replacement

Lots of color at the front

pictures from May 1-3, 2020