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A robin has nested under my porch, over the mail boxes, for a second year.
May 2020: Hedge repair and hedge trimming
Last fall plumbers hacked into our hedge to repair a pipe. We wondered how to fix the gap they created.
April 20, 2020: The bench positioned in front of the gap in the hedge, showing the soil over the plumber's repair last November and the old lawn.

May 11, 2020: The same spot once Joe & Tony had sprayed the lawn and killed the old grass

May 13, 2020: With the new sod in place

May 27, 2020: before the yews go in

May 30, 2020: With the new sod down and two new yews positioned the bench, and a miniature spruce to the left,
we think we have fixed the hedge gap. Thanks to our neighbor for suggesting the new yews.

The end of May is always time to tackle our big hedge. May 27-28, 2020

Below, starting on the outside.

Below, the outside trimmed, showing an area of parkway marked off for newly-seeded grass.
The top on the inside had not been trimmed yet.

The inside, mostly trimmed, sides and top, but some stragglers remaining

Not to be overlooked, a banner year for spirea.

pictures from late April to May 31, 2020