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End of March 2020

Plumbers last fall hacked into our hedge to repair a break in a sewer pipe. They left
a mound of soil and a pipe sticking up much too far. We are sinking holes into the mound
help it settle (we hope). The plumbers will be back to cut the pipe down to a better height.
The picture above was taken Jan. 23, 2020. Here is what the hedge looked like last fall.
The remains of our Christmas tree and wreath covered the mound during January and February 2020.

That's the wreath, in pieces, just above.

How it looked with the greens cleared away on March 26, 2020.

We started with 3 holes, the idea being to get water into the depths and help the soil compact.

From March 26-30 we filled these holes and poked dozens of smaller holes into the surface.

March 30, seen from a distance, above.

Close up, March 30.

The cracks show where the ground was settling.

The cracks disappeared and we levelled the mound again.

Looking from the porch.

March 26, above; March 30, below.

Putting the new look together, first step

April 1, 2020