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August 31, 2020
The dahlias, the raised beds, and beans
We spent a lot of time in August trying to preserve our tomato crop, which some critter took a strong liking to.
We wrapped the first raised bed in plastic and in fencing but found that the invader would tunnel under the barrier
and eat half a ripening tomato every night. Very frustrating. We took to ripening the best of them on the porch.

Inside the tarp there were two layers of fencing, one plastic, one metal.

We finally took it all apart to started over.

We settled on this after 2 weeks of experimenting. Next year we will anticipate this problem.

We have had pretty good luck getting fruit like this to ripen. We've never had so much trouble with our tomatoes before
All the raised beds
August 12
Bed 1
  The raised beds Aug. 31
Bed 1
Bed 2
 Bed 2
Bed 3
 Bed 3
Bed 4
 Bed 4
Bed 5
 Bed 5

The beans

The beans have been very reliable producers (end of July, just above, Aug. 27 below).

They are, however, hard to find amid the vines, but as the vines dry up, it's getting easier (and of August).

The dahlias on Aug. 31, 2020

One type, justly called "Neo," produces blooms both yellow and red, foreground above. Above, background: Seniors dream

Neo above and below

Neo in front, Seniors Dream background
Above, Blutiful
Above and below, Neo



Above, Happy-go-lucky

Zoey Rey
Above: Belle of Barmera
And inside

Top row, right, Seniors dream; bottom row, right, Neo.
And as of July 15

The Karl Foerster grass

The grass turned earlier than last year because it has been dry--but we did water it!

August 30-31, 2020