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April 4-8, 2020: two projects
#1. Working up backboards for 3 raised beds to keep out rabbits
#2. Out with the old

The front has some pretty pansies.

Lots of shoots shooting up, but the corner bed looks pretty bare

A bright, sunny April 8, 2020

Bright tulips inside

Peonies making themselves evident

Lots of daffodils along the walkway

A long view

An overview of the front bed

Crocus along the walkway

A brief hail storm about 9 p.m. April 7. Noisy, but no damage.

#1. The first project: George fixed up backboards for 3 raised beds to keep out rabbits

He is walking with a cane, George but measured the boards, sawn for us at Craft Beaver, and drilled holes for the stakes.

2 stakes atached. Lovely weather for this kind of work.

One spray-painted (London gray is the color) and in place on the back bed, one unsprayed.

In this light, anyway, the color blends well with the fence.

Below, close to the final look, I'd say.

The second project: #2. Cleaning out research files from 40 years of professordom.

Junk King came for it mid-morning Monday, April 6

This cleared out some space in the attic, at long last.

pictures from April 4-8, 2020