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The end of April 2020
We had a few projects going, including setting up the trug, moving the compost bin in back,
and protecting the butterfly weed from the rabbits.
At the very end of the month, we cleaned up around the garage.

The trug was set up April 20.
The parsley and sage (right) seem to have survived the winter.

In the back, . . .

Moving the compost bin was a bigger job that it looked to be. March 2019 cleanup above shows where the bin was.

As of May 15, 2019, it was pretty empty.

Oct. 13, 2019: filling up. How it looked in later October, below left, and in November.
We are going to reseed the weedy lawn back there, so we moved the bin closer to the fence (right, below).
The robins thought this was great.

We fenced in the area around the butterfly weed and yucca. Last year's plastic fence
did not deter the criters who chewed through it. They will not chew through this!

Around the garage, work on April 27 and May 1
There is a storage area by the garage but there aren't any "before" pictures of this area, which used to be the floor of a tool shed we had here once
(no pictures of that, either). We store bricks and empty pots here. There was a lot of mud and a thick covering of leaves.
We also cleaned out the brush pile alongside the garage and bundled it up for the Village (removed 4/28/20)
Year ago, George set down a walkway to the back gate. It too was covered in mud and had to be scraped off.
2019 on the left, 2020 on the right
Things elsewhere around the yard are modestly colorful.

Lots of great weather at the end of April 2020

pictures from April 20-28, 2020