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July 15, 2019: We visit Lyric Opera

In Spring 2019, Mike Biver, Lyric Opera’s Director of Gift Planning, asked us if we would participate in a PR campaign to encourage patrons to leave bequests to Lyric (since we’ve done that ourselves). We said we would, and on July 15 we went down to the opera house where they took DOZENS of photos of us in the lobby, in the auditorium, on the stairs, on the mezzanine, etc.—all to get ONE photo they can use in a print ad alongside a quote from us. After that, they sat us down with a videographer and had us chat for 20 minutes or so about what opera has meant to us and why we think it’s worth supporting. This is supposed to yield a usable soundbite or two for a video.

When they were done, they gave us a thank-you goody bag of stuff. (Gift shop items that weren’t selling maybe?) It included a bright red Lyric baseball cap, two ties (one of them red), and a Lyric cheeseboard. In an antic mood, I added three words to the cap, put on the red tie, and had Allen take the photos just below, which I sent to Mike at Lyric. He replied that we gave them a good laugh and added that "the Trump starter kit was very much by accident." Since he knows we take a dim view of some current trends at Lyric, we hope his amusement was genuine. We hope yours will be too.

      Before, above; after, below

Just us in society!

Photographer Kyle Flubaker for Lyric Opera of Chicago

This is about a much of the Lyric's new "Götterdämmerung" as anybody got to see!

We appeared in a Lyric add in two fall 2019 programs.

Outside the opera house

July 24, 2019
November 22, 2020