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The middle of June 2019


Not a good year for the rosebush, but other things, including the planters along the walkway, have done very well.

The window box
The curved bed looking rather scragley. But it got neatened up.

The trug, which had a great lettuce crop

Uncovering the tomatoes at last, June 25, 2019
The raised beds come to life.
  As of June 13, to the left.
June 21 on the left, and June 25 on the right.
1. The tomatoes. Chives got tied up.
2. The beans, which had to be protected from critters. New pink zinna on right.
3. Dahlias and dusty miller and petunias. New pink zinna on right.
4. Dahlias, pentunias, dusty miller. Looking the best of the 5.
5. Dahlias, zinnias. New yellow zinnas on right.
Looks like a banner year for the Carl Forster grass

June 26, 2019