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Drama in the neighborhood on Monday, Oct. 28, 2019
About 12.20 p.m.we heard a loud pop. That was a tire exploding.

George looked out his window and saw flames shooting from a car parked down the street.

Two more pops followed. My first pictures were taken at 12.25 p.m.

Wilmette FD was already on the scene at 12.25 p.m.,

approaching cautiously.

We kept thinking that on TV burning cars blow up, not a good thought. 12.26 p.m.

Water on the blaze produced clouds of smoke. 12.29.

The scene cleared by 12.32 p.m..

George got some good pictures of what was left.

1.30 p.m.

1.31 p.m.

1.31 p.m. We were glad to have this behind us. A tow truck appeared shortly to haul away the wreck.

Meanwhile, they filled the water tank in the truck, to overflowing. 12.32.

Oct. 29, 2019