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September 14-16, 2018

We decided to extend the line of the flowerbed along the back fence.
This meant digging out another few feet of daylilies, sifting the soil, and then getting some mums for the new space, at the far right where the daylilies are.

Above: May 2018. Grass and marigolds had just been planted. Dahlias would fill the blank space below the rosebush; peacock lilies still to come.

Above: August 2018. These pictures are from Aug. 7-8. Morning glories have a strong start on the fence, dahlias are up but not blooming.

Above: By the middle of September the peacock lilies and morning glories had taken over.
Below: getting to the corner
In 2017 we put in 3 timbers reaching to the end of the dahlias (each is 8').

Below, the look just prior to the new digging included a srong stand of new dahlias.
Below: looking from the alley to the gargage.

Below: September 14-15, 2018.
We got rid of the lilies and made room for one more timber, giving us 32' of flower bed we did not have a year ago.
By the time we got to this, the morning glories were taking over, so we pulled them.
We sifted the soil to remove gravel, then repacked the trench.
Then we cleared away peacock lilies that had reached the end.

The new look, below.

Mums to fill in for this fall.

And the fence clear of morning glories, leaving the field clear for our great display of dahlias.