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Late August, 2018: the porch gets a fresh look

For about 30 years we had a pretty natural look on the porch, stained wood, nothing bright. Now that we have patched up the floor and had the area re-screened, George decided to brighten things up.
First step was a new mat, which served as the color key for paint for the chairs and table and the new cushions. Here's the new mat, just in time for our August 1 hailstorm.

The way we were, 1990-2018 (give or take)

2010 above: George and Masetto survey their kingdom

2014 above: George and Emily

2014 above: George working on the trug, which we set up that year.

By 2015 (above) we had changed the table to black and sidelined the gray chairs.

George started with the table, priming in a bright green, coating that with a softer green.


The undercoat and the final color on the table. Below, the new navy cushion on the finished chair (8/18/2018)

Final touches

Dahlias starting to come in, lots of beans, good tomatoes

August 22, 2018