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August 1, 2018
The first hailstorm we have had in years.
The trug lost a lot of blooms
Back and front, it looked a bit like a dusting of snow. The storm was tough on the broad-leaf hosta, as we saw the next day

But the dahlias were not hurt, luckily, and on July 30 we had our first bloom of the season.
    Dahlias Aug. 7 (right)
And not to be left behind, our first tomato is ripening (ready on Aug. 7, below right)
The pocket garden and rosebush
The raised beds on Aug. 2, 2018 and, on the right, Aug. 7


Sunflowers added Aug. 4-5

The beans in bed 2 & sunflowers in bed 3 (ready Aug. 7)
Along the fence

The hibiscus

August 7, 2018