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April 1-2, 2018
Easter weekend and snow
The bunny has been a regular at our house for about 25 years.
Paté; pea soup; lamb with asparagus and scalloped potatoes; coconut cake with buttermilk sorbet

Two bunnies, tooling along in their Twinkiemobiles
For starters, Easter riddles (answers below) illustrated by George

Snow came Monday, April 2 but was mostly gone by mid-afternoon
The squirrels came out anyway.

ANSWERS TO RIDDLES No bunny knows why the bunny didn't hop.
The Easter egg hid because he was a little chicken.
Only one egg can go into an empty Easter basket, because after that it is no longer empty.
Rabbits do well at school because they multiply really well.
The Easter bunny has breakfast at IHOP, where else?
A dog's favorite Easter treat is a jelly bone.