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Summer 2017: some reference shots
Index to months and areas
Tree, dinner table
Early December
Raised beds, back yard leaves, demo of 540 Park St.
St. Stanislaus soup kichen
Last Nov. pictures of dahlias, new bed
Early November
November, leaves front and back, neighborhood pix
End of October
digging out daylilies by fence, last dahlia, frost date
Counting heads
names of 2017 dahlias
Early October
dahlias at peak; trimming forsythia
Late September
Big file, dahlias listed by bed, back metal fence
Early September
painting front porch, front hydrangeas, goldenrod
Labor Day
food, some dahlia close-ups
butterly on orange dahlia, goldenrod, morning glories
Early August
hydrangeas in front, back yard, pergola, tomatoes
Late July
lillies, phlox, pots along walkway, window box, trug, first dahlia
lillies, daylillies, porch area, raised beds, big file, July 4
Late June
roses back & front, clematis, lilies
Raised beds
Spring and summer pictures, June 11-29, many raised beds
Peonies and poppies, roses, mock orange
June storm
Not in our back yard
tulips, back esp; flowering trees front, back
Raised beds of old
history of raised beds, 2016, back to 1989
Tulip walk
numbered squares along new walkway
Easter 2017
Easter table; tulips in back, some in front
Early April
counting tulips along walkway
bulbs, Feb. 2017
skunk screen along porch, forsythia
skunk prevention; no skunk problem 2018
Eric at 88
Eric and Mark Carlson
New speakers, old ones