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Thanksgiving 2017
At the Providence Soup Kitchen,
St. Stanislaus Church,
1351 N. Noble, Chicago

The church has a remarkable history. For more, click here.


Were it not for Illinois State Representative Bernard Prusinski, the church would have been demolished to make way for the Kennedy Expressway. Many people mistakeny credit US Representative Dan Rostenkowski with this achievement. Even the church's website reports the matter incorrectly. See Justin Breen's 2016 essay, "Story Behind the Kennedy Expressway," at this link.)

Today it looks like a near-miss, trucks and cars roaring by just a few feet from the administrative building behind the church. But the administrative building and residence must have been built after the road was completed. The photo on the right (a view from the expressway looking south) shows that the church itself is some distance from the road.

On the lower level, the kitchen occupies the former sacristy (see cross & cabinets, right rear).
St. Stanislaus has always had altars on both levels and both are still in use (see link).

The Pantry

Some volunteers
Food arrives and some of the diners help unload it

Before the doors open