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May 2017
Early May pictures just below. Mid-month pictures follow. Memorial Day (May 29) pictures at the end.
The month began with a lot of rain, an early start for our own "lake effect."

The birds managed to find their food, however.

Buy by the 3rd we were back at work.
And with the water gone, things looked very good.
New trees from last year, back (above), front (below)

On May 14-16 we put down more sod, dug up old cement blocks, etc.


We've kept the tomatoes carefully protected from the cool nights.
The later flowers are coming in.
Things look the way they should late in May.

Memorial Day: we planted the windowbox and planters along the walkway. Peonies and roses have started to come in.
Herbs and lettuce in the trug

Looking for hotter colors this year.
A shady look at the front, alium standing tall.