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Graceland Cemetery   June 18, 2017
Chicago Architectural Foundation Tour
Graceland was created as a "cemetery park," and was intended to have only ground-level memorials so that it would serve as a park, open spaces in Chicago being rare in the nineteenth century. That was not the case indefinitely, and eventually Graceland became home to many splendid memorials and gravestones for the famous and the wealthy.

John Wellborn Root (1850-1891)

Root was the parter of Daniel Burnham and a founder of the Chicago Style, along with
Burnham, Louis Sullivan, and Dankmar Adler. Note the architectural detail in the middle of the cross.
Jack Johnson
The first black heavyweight champion of the world; his signature is on the back of his stone, right.
Potter Palmer

Across the way, the tombs of the family of Potter Palmer's wife

George Pullman
Another great Chicago name, remembered on our tour only as a strike-breaker.
Some memorials evoke other art forms and eras, such as the pyramids, this one oddly accompanied by an angel

and stained glass windows

Bas relief (bronze)

One of the most pleasing and distinctive of the memorials we saw.
Also striking and memorable are two sculptures by Laredo Taft
Above, one of the icons of Graceland
Below, an image reminiscent of Taft's "The Fountain of Time" (see this link.
Newspaper publisher, memorial by Laredo Taft
We ran out of time and energy long before we would have run out of things to see!