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June: the new trees arrive, hydangeas get planted, and lots of trimming
--and lots of rain

May 29
Poppies had a great year
The stephanotis from 2011 is still doing well, and the rhododendron bloomed again.

June 3: iris and lilacs in the neighborhood
  Profuse lilacs, powerfully scented.
Not a lot to see in the vegetable garden yet, but we planted the trug.
June 5: Best of the peonies
June 10-13: we take on reshaping the flowerbed in the yard around the new tree
We moved the hasta and hydrangea and relocated the tulips.
We also shifted the new planter to the right. The big plants didn't miss a beat;
we'll see how the tulips do in 2016. The dahlies as of June 13, 2015.
June 16
  Two new hydrangeas to accompany the new crab apple
New petunias
The mock orange doing well.
We got around to cutting down the huge buckthorn growing up along side the mock orange, once we saw it!
The lettuce and herbs in the trug like the cool, wet weather. 6/7 left, 6/13 right.
Great for the roses, looking lush even after a lot of rain

And we had a visit from Mr. Cardinal.