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September 1, 2019

20th Frantzen Family Reunion
and some pictures from Alta Vista

Karen, Tom, Wayne, Allen

Tom, Karen, Wayne, Allen; back row: Irene, James, Amanda, Ellen

Irene, far left; Ann (blue top), Jay (white shirt), James (leaning on post), Tim (glasses), Linn (foreground), Janet, Sharon, Tom, Harold.

Irene and Allen with one of two big scrapbooks she rescued from the New Hampton Cultural Center for me. Each one contains hundreds of clippings from World War I, a trove. Thanks to whomever it was who saved all this history over a century ago, and thanks to Irene for giving it to me! Right, James and Tom take a look inside.

Ellen and Ron get ready to take some pictures.

Wayne, June, Leo, Janet

The cemetery at Alta Vista
Right: Burials 1911, 1913: maybe the oldest graves here?

Our parents' graves. Father 1910-1998. Mother 1910-1985.
Our father's parents. Rose 1883-1977. Joseph J. 1882-1954. Their son Joseph W. 1919-1942
Beloved aunt and uncle Hilsman, Marie 1912-1989. Leo 1907-1990.

The Webers, long-time family friends. Joseph 1875-1967. Mary 1877-1963. Emilia 1906-1993. Erma 1903-1995. Pauline 1899-1985.
A handsome barrier of trees around the burial ground

Cemetery policies

Sept. 3, 2019