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Spain   March 2000
Madrid     Bilbao     Segovia     Toledo

These leaning towers of Madrid are called Puerta de Europa. Built in 1996 and designed by
Philip Johnson and John Burgee, they are said to be the world's first leaning high-rise buildings.
Atocha Station
The street view from our hotel, which was near the opera house.

Bilbao (we flew up for the day)
Inside and outside the museum
A big dog stands guard at the entrance.

Segovia (March 9)
Romanesque churches everywhere, all of them closed to visitors.

Below, the church of St. Sebastian.

Toledo (March 10)
The cathedral in Toledo. George remembers that as we toured the cathedral the sound system was playing "The Dream of the Witch's Sabbath" from Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique.
A dark little Spanish joke; in 2018 I am guessing that maybe 1 tourist in 1,000 knew what the music was and maybe one in 10,000 remembers it almost two decades later.