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Milan · April 2000
Our apartment in the Brera
The Hotel Antica Locanda Solferino.
The church of St. Lorenzo  
S. Ambrogio

One of the oldest and most famous of the many churches in Milan, built about 380.

The church was consecrated by St. Ambrose himself during the Lombard era.

The duomo reflected in the door behind George.

The doors are early twentieth-centry. The central door was created in 1906 by Ludovico Pogliaghi, with a focus on the life of Mary.

The Brera Pinacoteca, the modern art museum in the Brera
We saw a great exhibition at the Villa Real on the Holy Land, "Terra Santa" (April 29, 2000). And we saw a very good prodction of Strauss's "Ariadne auf Naxos" with Jon Villars and Laura Aikens (and Irish Vermillion and Susan Anthony) at La Scala, Sinopoli conducting. On the way out, George captured a poster that we he framed.