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Paris and beyond, March 1999

One thing that stands out 18 years later is how few pictures I took. I suppose I felt that film and prints were expensive and I would be getting to Paris again. I am sure that I missed some great pictures.   ·  
The Louvre   ·   Père Lachaise
Bibliothèque nationale   ·   Versailles   ·   Chartres--
just a hint of what we saw, and some great pictures of George.

We were happy to see Notre Dame in the sun as well as in the fog.

La Grande Arche de la Défense

Below, at the Eiffel Tower

At the Louvre, everybody was looking at the you-know-what.

The I.M. Pei entrance

The Bastille, where we saw "Macbeth"

We also saw the Arabic Institute.
  George outside the Arabic Institute.
At Père Lachaise
Abelard and Heloise
Bibliothèque nationale de France: we found it cold, cavernous. Even the trees were locked in metal grids.
The four big towers that frame it are supposed to recall open books.


We took the train to Chartres. I remember being most unimpressed at the pay toilets outside the cathedral. Always the polite tourist, I did not photograph them.
We saw the cathedral and the church of St. Aignan of Chartres, which I liked.

The cathedral

It is a pretty little town, with 3 happy cats in the sun.



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