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McLean, Illinois   June 2017 (175 miles south of Chicago on I-55)
We have stopped here for lunch en route to St. Louis for about 30 years--not every year, but often enough to have worn a bit of a groove.  
In the old days, the Puffabelly Station Antique store was our place to stop.
  That's gone, but the sign remains.
These days the McLean depot, which was relocated to this spot, houses a shop for model trains.

The depot walls record the names of those who worked and lived here when the trains were a regular thing,
and we were told that it's possible to trace connections between these names to the names of people who live here now.
These walls were part of the shipping room, which had sliding doors on either side and a dirt floor.
The names were written on the wood with pieces of coal.

June 2017