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Carmen and Bernie married 50 years
7 October 1967 * 7 October 2017
Spring Park, Minnesota

Carmen and Bernie, sons and grandsons
Jay, Bernie, Chad, Carmen; right: Bernie, Adam, Alex, Isaiah, Nathaniel; front: William, Carmen
At the table; right: Carmen, Allen, Tom, Karen
Bernie, Beth, Karen D., Carmen; Bernie, Chad, Beth, Carmen

A few pictures of pictures from the 1967 wedding album
Carmen and Dad start up the aisle; the wedding party (Jean Maruska Tuchner, [unnamed], Carmen, Bernie, Brendan (his brother), Allen

The families: Rose Frantzen (mother of John, grandmother of Carmen), John, Dorothy, Carmen, Bernie, Bernie's mother and father

A warm, lovely October day on the lake

We stopped in Riceville on the way back
  Riverside Feeds  
Still the feel of small-town America here