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August 2006: The Family Farm near Alta Vista, Iowa

This trip I was interested in the age of the farm and some of the buildings. Tom took me to the granary and we climbed upstairs to take a look. It's clear that the lumber used for the roof was locally sawn, not taken off a train from somewhere, because it is not uniform. The outlines of the branches and trunks are clear in the board shapes. The uprights, however, are uniform. Below are two exterior shots of the granary, 1956 and 1962 (that's Tom with the dog in 1956).

Tin siding is visible through the wall at the right.
The granary, 1956 (left) and 1962.
Tom's tools have their own art forms. Note the evenly-sawn boards behind them.

The machine shed on the right side was not there when I was a boy, and the north side of the barn has been altered too.

While I was there, Al Recker drove in. He was 100 when this was taken, seen here with James and Tom, as well preserved as his truck.

In Calvary Cemetery in Alta Vista I saw the grave of a man who died in France during World War I, Vala, and the graves of his parents.

Frank J. Vala, born March 31, 1896. Died in action Oct. 7, 1918, at St. Quentin [at the] Front in France. Co[mpany] F, 118 Infantry Battalion Runner, 30 Div.

Vala. Mother Anna, born in Chickasaw Co[unty], 1876, Died 1940. Father Joseph, born in Okres Pacov-Kraj Tabor, Chechy, in 1868, died 1943.
[Pacov is a small city in the south-central Czech Republic]

My parents' grave, and the grave of my paternal grandparents, Joseph and Rose Stalzer Frantzen.