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Germany · July 1998
Bingen, Germany: Monument celebrating the 1871 reunification of Germany
after the Franco-Prussian War

Overlooking the Rhine
(Details from Wiki), quoted below.
"Beneath Germania is a large relief that shows emperor William I riding a horse with nobility, the army commanders and soldiers. The relief has the Wacht am Rhein (Watch on the Rhine) lyrics engraved. On the left side of the monument is the "peace statue". The "war statue" is located on the right.
[The inscription reads:] ZUM ANDENKEN AN DIE EINMUETIGE SIEGREICHE ERHEBUNG DES DEUTSCHEN VOLKES UND AN DIE WIEDERAUFRICHTUNG DES DEUTSCHEN REICHES 1870-1871. ("In memory of the unanimous victorious uprising of the German People and of the reinstitution of the German Empire 1870-1871").Wiki continues: "The original idea by sculptor Johannes Schilling of the victory of the united German People was later changed into a more hostile interpretation against the 'sworn enemy' France." (End of Wiki material.)

A lovely summer in Augsburg, here at the city market

House and garden in beautiful form, as I so often found them in my many years of visiting Carron-du-Val Strasse!

The upstairs bedroom with its view, where I did a lot of writing (left), dining room (right).

Many delightful afternoon teas tableside here.