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Hopkinton, Delaware County (Iowa)
and Highway 61 in Jackson County - November 2016

Hopkinton is the site of the former Lenox College, opened as Bowen Collegiate Institute in 1859, its name changed to Lenox College in 1884. The school was affiliated with the Presbyterian Church and closed in 1944.
The site is a collection of beautiful Victorian brick buildings, the oldest dating from 1856. There is an article on Lenox College in Wikipedia, and there is even a blog on the College, mostly about the fate of Hopkinton, with fine pictures.

The Reformed Presbyterian Church stands next to the campus but was not the College's sponsoring church. The church features stained glass from Bavaria.
The window on the left, a romanticized image of a woman clutching the cross, seems more typical of Bavarian Catholicisim than sober Presbyterian sentiment.
However, Catholic art of the period would probably include a figure of Christ on the cross.

  (Window images from Wikipedia.)

The depot was moved to this site (opposite the College grounds) in 1969.
Other buildings include a one-room schoolhouse moved here in 1971 (not pictured). The architectural detail is fine and suggests that a return visit, with tours of the interiors, would be very rewarding.
(left, Wiki image)  
The monument (below, center of the campus) commemorates Lenox men who fought in the Civil War and was dedicated 1865.
Leaving town and headed south, you see the memorials to World War I and II and the Vietnam War, including Hopkinton and surrounding towns.