MANCHESTER   ·   March 2007


The Public Library

An arcade, once a women's prison

The Royal Exchange (Theatre)

Theatre café and the arcade of the former prison

The Cenotaph

Town Hall

There was a launch of a new neighbhood initiative, so these officers turned out for a cup of tea and a talk--great, since it meant the main reception hall was open and its murals of Manchester's history on view. The officers photographed well with a flash, that's certain; in the picture at the bottom you can see their PR people (lower left corner) wondering who else was taking pictures (but I was warmly invited to tea myself).

Edwin's baptism (above), Wycliff's trail

The Cathedral


Chetham's Library

The reading room (right) was a favorite haunt of Engels.

Around town


AJF was in Manchester to give the annual Toller lecture