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Germany & France

November 2005

Click here for · 1. & 2. Germany · 3. Laon · 4. "Circles" Premiere · 5. Paris
1. Düsseldorf

2. Köln

3. Laon

The war memorial

Below is the memorial seen from the medieval wall around the upper city

4. Craone: Circles of Grief

The dress rehearsal, Thursday, Nov. 10, in Laon, at the Conservatory.

Before the performance in Craonne, Friday, Nov. 11, in the Mairie (town hall).
There was standing room only for the performance.

Front row: Noël Genteur, mayor of Craonne, AJF, Pierre Thilloy (composer)
Back row: Frédèric Sannier* (center), Nicolas Delvaux* (right)
  * Musique et Danse en Picardie (ASSECARM)

5. Paris

The Gare du Nord & the World War I memorial, a mural
by Albert Herter showing soldiers departing in August 1914

The memorial at St. Eustace
Printemps & Galeries Lafayette decked out for Christmas

Arc de Triomphe decked out for Nov. 11