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Los Angeles November 2015
Here to see "Norma" and "Moby Dick" at the LA Opera. Pictures from Sunday at the end
Breakfast reading poolside

The Bradbury Building,
used in filming
"Blade Runner" (1982)


Angels Flight (public trans in LA), and stationary birds
Here's Wiki on Angels Flight, which opened at this site in 1996 but was closed in 2001, after a fatal accident.

The railway "took nine years to commence operations again, on March 15, 2010. It was closed again from June 10, 2011, to July 5, 2011, and then again after a minor incident on September 5, 2013. The investigation of this 2013 incident led to the discovery of potentially serious safety problems in both the design and the operation of the funicular, and Angels Flight service has been suspended since that time with no timetable for restored service."

Perhaps because of this impressive track record, Obama wants to expand public transporation in California. He wants to spend $67 billion (yes, that's the right figure, an estimate revised down for PR purposes) of everybody's tax dollars to build a high-speed railway from nowhere to nowhere in California. You have to love this administration. It's nowhere to nowhere because Californians live in all the somewheres, and nobody is going to build anything to destroy their views!

Tea at the Biltmore    
Pershing Square, with Beethoven leaning into the future

The LA Public Library, home to the homeless

PC LA has not yet covered up these works of art, which tell the story of Spanish missionaries, but let's wait and see.

After a day on the streets, a night at the opera (Bellini's "Norma")
Sunday: sights and sites around downtown

Dog day