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Washington, DC · · · October 2015

(I put 2 white dots above the Washington Monument; those are not UFOs.)

The Franklin School

Built in 1869, once part of DC's public school system, slated for re-development in 2015, a project now scraped. In the meantime, a laundry for street people.

DC is full of ugly, anonymous buildings, but at least they make good mirrors.
A wide range of style options in men's clothing; or perhaps these are just visitors.
Samuel Gompers, a labor leader I learned about in gradeschool,

back when labor had some class (and a very large head).
Washington and Jefferson

The National Press Club is full of memorable photographs, this one called "Widows' Walk" (Arlington National Cemetery).
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Three dots mark the Baha'i Temple in Wilmette. Condo buildings lining McCormick Blvd. aglow, lower right corner.