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Tucson & Scotsdale / January 2015
Dove Mountain  
Downtown Tucson  
old buildings, art
Saturday evening  
more sunsets
Saguaro National Park  
desert views
bits, art

Coming into Phoenix, which was greener than we expected--thanks to those 400 golf courses?

At Dove Mountain, sunset on Friday. Up in the hills someone was playing a haunting flute.
Saturday at the Tucson Museum of Art and around the old courthouse
An obscure mural if you don't read Spanish--that seems to defeat the purpose of having one. It's called "The soul of the
pueblo," and the panel at right, center, says "Where are you taking me, rascal"
(Donde me llebas, picaro--just guessing at the translation, not to mention the meaning).

The old Pima County Courthouse, handsome in pink, with a young lady getting photographed for her Quinceanera.
"Look serious," the photographer told her, "not mad." Nice touch of red to the right, above & below.
Right, a memorial to the Mormons who trekked some 2,000 miles from Navoo, IL,
where they were burned out and Joseph Smith killed (1844), to Los Angeles via Tucson.
It's buildings like this one that say "Tucson" to me.
A huge mural about ?? (could not find text) across from the Museum of Art
The Cathedral of St. Augustine
Very much like San Antonio, we thought (except that there was sun, and heat, in Tucson).
A fine St. George, his dragon with a man's face.

Another sunset--but it's one of the thing you go to Dove Mountain to see (Saturday evening).
George plays a wicked game of Scrabble, something we had not done in ages. We took a walk
in the desert, but not a long one. It was easy to get lost, even with the hotel in view.
Sunset at the golf course was great dinner theater.

At the Museum of the Desert and (below) Saguaro National Park (West)

God bless the bikers. We saw one bad accident involving a bike.

In Scottsdale, at Wes and Dan's party
The hotel in Scottsdale
Art on Main Street
Leaving town & about to land, snow be damned!