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Iowa in June
Clinton and Waterloo
Lots of rain, lots of blooms

First top in Waterloo was the Grout Museum, both a Waterloo history museum and a museum about Waterloo's role in wars, starting with the Civil War


Old Waterloo
. . . and really old Waterloo
A printing press with its fonts, including Old English

A salute to John Deere
Upstairs, the Sullivan Brothers' memorial and a lot of history

The museum does a great job of telling veterans' stories
A sailor in heavy artillery
Wayne and Allen, spoiling for a fight
Views outside
In Dyche for lunch, at Barn Happy, a barn built in 1925 and restored ten years ago.
The owner told us that only one board had dry rot and had to be replaced.

Fair skies after a wet week

A happy ending to a good day!