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Farms around the old homestead, and Alta Vista · July 2015

The farm on a bright Friday morning
The old Adams place, Hillsman's rear right  
Johnson's, seen from a speeding truck

Headed north. Maseman's
Roths', on the hill  

Where time, if not the birds, stands still

A boy & his dog
Vintage Oliver (1962)

Alta Vista
Mom and dad's old home (once the home of Rose and Joe Frantzen), below left

Where the Webers lived (right)

Where St. William School stood, rectory and church on right
The post office
Main Street
At the cemetery  
The view to the northeast

I continued on to Spring Park, MN, this trip

The land of sky-blue everything
Friday, July 31, 2015

A tree on its way somewhere

Tonka Bay