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Birmigham relatives at Cresco / March 12, 2015
(connections explained below)

Back row (5): Tom F, John C, John H, Dick, Peggy
Middle (3): Allen, Irene, Tom S
Front (5): Rosie, Rosella, Namie, Cy, Francis
How we are related to Margaret's family
John C is Margaret's brother; Rosie and Namie are her sisters
Cy and John H are Margaret's aunt and uncle (Cy and Margaret's mother Mary Ellen were sisters)
Francis (Peggy) and Rosella are Margaret's cousins (their mother, Audrey, was Mary Ellen's sister)
Tom S is Margaret's cousin (his mother, Mildred, was Mary Ellen's sister)
Allen and Tom F (Irene) are also cousins (their mother, Dorothy, was Mary Ellen's sister).