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El Paso to Carlsbad, along US 70

Leaving Houston,

and coming into El Paso, suburbs and suburbs to be.
But on the ground, heading east out of EP to Carlsbad, it was all good.


For a midwesterner, the romance of these scenes is powerful. That fence! It's just sticks.

Driving up into the Guadalupe Mountains, El Capitan looming large.
What you see here, everywhere you look, are large bands of color.
The Frijole Farm, not far from the Guadalupe Mountain visitors' center.
After all the sun and open skies, shade and a spring-fed stream were very welcome.
The red building on the left above was once a schoolhouse (a very small one).

The Smith family farmed here a century ago. They drove a wagonload of fresh vegetables
overnight about 60 miles to a market--but did that still count as "local" produce?
After this, a hard right to Carlsbad and Roswell and White Sands (for which pictures, please go here).